Friday, May 11, 2018

Tips for Private Jet Travel

Edgar Alacan, a respected presence in the private aircraft charter business, guides, which combines luxury travel with competitive pricing. Edgar Alacan and his firm emphasize safety while providing a tailored, customer-centric experience.

For those who are new to private air travel, the basic inflight rules are the same as those in any commercial or private setting, and begin with proper behavior. Within a confined space, good manners go beyond simple etiquette and involve some critical safety issues.

Keep expectations realistic. While a private jet offers travel tailored to a specific destination and can be much faster than commercial alternatives, this does not give the passenger the right to make demands such as last-minute itinerary changes. 

Although private jets can be booked just hours in advance, guaranteeing availability and ensuring that a well rested crew is ready for transportation is a vital part of the equation. To avoid last minute hassles and potentially missing or being late for important events, it makes sense to book travel as early as possible. One pointer for tech-savvy first time private jet travelers is that, unless a photo opportunity suggested by the host, it may be best to keep the flight discreet and off of social media.