Wednesday, October 27, 2021

FAR 135 Standards for Private Jets

Edgar Alacan, the co-founder of, provides private air travel via his aviation firm. The company allows for the purchase of on-demand and pre-purchased tickets. Recognizing the importance of safety in private aviation, Edgar Alacan and his business adhere to Assure Safety Standards, thus ensuring private jet crew members place safety above all else.

Private jets, at a minimum, must adhere to FAR 91, a set of Federal Aviation Administration regulations that are widely-accepted. However, with its Safety-First Mission, exceeds these regulations and instead adheres to FAR 135 standards. These standards are more rigorous for aircraft and private jet personnel.

Compared to FAR 91, which only requires drug and alcohol testing when requested by law enforcement, FAR 135 guidelines require that each employee undergoes testing during the pre-employment period. These tests are required periodically, following an accident, and when there is probable cause. Follow-up testing is also required according to these regulations.

Beyond drug and alcohol testing, FAR 135 standards restrict the amount of time flight crews are allowed to be on duty. According to these regulations, crew flight time cannot surpass 1,200 hours in a calendar year. Within a month, the flight time must remain below 120 hours, nor can it exceed 34 hours in seven consecutive days. When resting, crew members require at least nine hours of continuous rest for less than eight hours of flight time.

While FAR 91 standards let aircraft land at any airport, FAR 135 limits airport use. Private jets cannot land at an airport without a weather reporting facility. Suitable airports also need longer runways that allow for a landing within 80 percent of the runway’s length. This ensures planes can land safely during adverse conditions or emergencies.

Saturday, October 16, 2021

Three Jet Travel Tips for Beginners

A graduate of Brooklyn College in New York, Edgar Alacan built from a three-person operation to a 50-plus employee business worth millions in annual sales. At, Edgar Alacan manages the day-to-day operations, which includes providing private jet charter flights.

With more private air travel companies offering jet-like public charters, here are three travel tips for first-timers:

Use a reputable company: With an endless list of companies offering flights and private memberships, it’s critical to book and travel with a reputable company. In the United States, look for a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approval.

Book in advance: Although you can book with most private jets on the same day, there is no guarantee you will get the particular jet you want. Depending on your travel needs and commitments, it’s best to book in advance, especially if you want to maximize your workday.

Have proper documentation: Traveling on a private jet does not absolve you from following international travel protocols and procedures. If you are flying to an international destination, you will need to provide a valid passport or obtain a visa.

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Increasing Popularity of Private Jet

With a background in business administration, Edgar Alacan is the co-founder of Overseeing the sales department is one of Edgar Alacan’s many responsibilities at the company. provides jet travel membership and services.

Delayed flights, long lines at airports, packed planes, and luggage limitations make traveling by commercial airlines an unpleasant chore. And with the travel protocols enforced by COVID-19, it's no wonder that many are turning to private jet travel. For many people, the main draw of private jet travel is saving time. Savings come in the form of faster and easier booking time. Private aviation can also save you a lot of time as a private jet can take you closer to your destination than a commercial flight, especially if there is a smaller airfield nearby.

In addition, a private jet allows you to fly or travel without being recognized. Many business clients operate under a corporate banner, and a business trip can be made in relative secrecy, particularly for top executives.

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

The Bombardier Global Aircraft

Although he currently lives in New Jersey, Edgar Alacan has strong ties to New York City, having studied business administration at Brooklyn College in the early 1990s. Since co-founding in 2008, Edgar Alacan has managed daily operations and sales for this New York City-based private jet rental company.

The largest aircraft in the fleet, the Bombardier Global dates back to 1993, when Bombardier’s leaders announced plans to build an extremely comfortable business jet that could fly nonstop from Montreal to Tokyo. The Global first took to the air in 1996 and became commercially available in 1999.

The roomy and luxurious Bombardier Global can carry 16 passengers and features 185 cubic feet of baggage capacity. It can spend more than 10 hours in the air without refueling and reach top speeds of 540 miles per hour. Upon takeoff and landing, this highly efficient aircraft performs exceptionally well on short runways.

Saturday, July 31, 2021

Convenient Travel with Jet Card Program

Lake Como, New Jersey-based entrepreneur Edgar Alacan is the co-founder of, a leading private jet company that offers private jet charter and rental services. Together with his co-founders, Edgar Alacan grew from a three-person operation to over 50 employees and $40 million in annual sales. has several programs for its clients, including the Jet Card Membership program.

Jet Card opens the door to safe and luxurious private jet travel. The prepaid card allows users to purchase flight hours in 25-hour increments (25 hours, 50 hours, 75 hours, and so forth). Users can then redeem these hours to fly anywhere in the United States with a 24-hour notice or internationally with a 72-hour notice. The Jet Card program’s pricing is all-inclusive with no hidden costs such as fuel surcharges, additional overnights, deadhead charges, and taxi time.

There are four pricing tiers for Jet Card membership. These depend on the size of the jet a user wants access to. There is a light jet card, mid-size jet card, super mid-size jet card, and heavy jet card. Light jets are great for short trips under two hours and fit a maximum of seven passengers, while mid-size jets stay in the air for four-five hours and can fit eight people with additional luggage space. Super mid-size jets are more spacious than mid-size jets and can accommodate nine passengers, while heavy jets can go 4,000 miles without refueling and carry a maximum of 14 passengers.

Jet Card membership hours never expire. Customers can upgrade or downgrade jet sizes with no penalties, and they can also transfer their flight hours to other people.

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Exercise and Mental Health Benefits

For more than a decade, businessman Edgar Alacan has been successfully running his aircraft charter and rental service company He is also on the board of directors of, an organization dedicated to fighting Duchenne muscular dystrophy. During his leisure hours, Edgar Alacan enjoys fishing, swimming, and exercising.

Exercise is not only beneficial to the body; it benefits mental health. Exercise is a great stress reliever and can alleviate depression. People who exercise tone their muscles and improve their cardiovascular efficiency. They also come out of an exercise session with a heightened feeling of well-being.

Stress causes tightening of the neck, shoulders, and face muscles, and headaches. High levels of stress may also result in insomnia, intestinal problems, and heartburn. Exercise breaks the stress cycle and releases endorphins in the brain while relaxing the body’s muscle groups. Endorphins are neurochemicals in the brain that induce feelings of pleasure and reduce pain.

Exercise is a side-effect-free alternative to taking antidepressant medicine. A Harvard study shows that running for 15 minutes or walking for an hour reduces the risk of depression by 26 percent. A regular exercise routine can relieve depression symptoms, too.

Thursday, May 20, 2021

Jet 747-8i - Largest Private Jet in the World

Edgar Alacan offers more than a decade of experience in the private jet industry as co-founder of Through, Edgar Alacan offers private charters on various sized jets.

The largest private jet in the world, the Boeing Business Jet 747-8i, is based on the Boeing line of passenger aircraft. It is a dual-level jumbo jet designed with luxury and comfort at the forefront. The United States government is designing one to replace the current Air Force One.

From end to end, the Boeing Business Jet 747-8i measures 250 feet. When configured properly, it has room for more than 400 passengers. The interior of the plane has everything one would expect in a luxurious home. There are bathrooms, dining rooms, a master bedroom, lounges, and staterooms available, depending on the owner’s personal choices. The starting price for a new Boeing 747-8i Business Jet is an estimated $370 million, depending on the features requested.