Saturday, August 11, 2018

Ins and Outs of Baggage on Charter Jet Flights

Edgar Alacan, a respected presence in the private aviation industry, leads as co-founder, and coordinates seamless private jet travel around the world. One question posed by Edgar Alacan’s clients is how baggage requirements compare with commercial flights.

One major benefit for private jet passengers is in the amount of baggage that can be carried. While there are jet baggage restrictions, depending on type of aircraft and number of passengers flying, the weight and space allocated tends to be far higher than with commercial airlines. 

Smaller private jets often do not have overhead bins, which means that carry-on luggage should comfortably fit by the feet or on the lap. In addition, not all private jets feature pressurized baggage compartments, which can present restrictions when it comes to items with gas and liquid contents.

Many regular travelers enjoy another aspect of private jet travel, the ability to easily transport animal companions with them, such as cats and dogs within proper carrying cases. Passengers can also take personal care of valuable items from paintings to musical instruments while in transit.