Thursday, January 17, 2019

Four Benefits of Private Jet Traveling

Edgar Alacan, an experienced executive in the aviation industry, oversees operations at as co-founder. Since starting the company in 2008, Edgar Alacan has been responsible for developing the logistics and sales process for the company’s various private air travel products.

Although flying commercial is often more cost-effective, there are several benefits to passengers who use private aviation that are worth considering. Below are a few examples:

- Personalized menu: Commercial flights may offer flyers a few different options when it comes to meals. However, they cannot match the customization available in private planes. When flying privately, individuals are free to choose ahead of time nearly everything, from their type of cuisine to their beverages.

- Avoidance of crowds: When going to a major airport to fly commercially, individuals must contest with large crowds, long TSA lines, and waits at baggage claim areas. This is all avoidable with private flights, since many private planes can take off and land at smaller airports.

- Quicker flights: Since commercial planes are larger, they usually climb at a slower pace than private jets. Because of this, they take longer to get above inclement weather. Further, they fly slower than private jets, thus resulting in passengers arriving at their destinations later.

- Added privacy and freedom: Groups are free to hold uninterrupted meetings during their flight on a private jet, and individuals can listen to music without headphones. Further, passengers can walk around the plane or change seats, if desired.