Friday, April 12, 2019

Changing Itineraries and Cancelling Flights in Private Jet Travel

Serving as head of, Edgar Alacan provides a winning combination of competitive prices and bespoke customer service. Client focused, Edgar Alacan strives to educate passengers new to private jet travel on the specifics of having a comfortable experience that takes full advantage of this convenient mode of travel. 

One of the key words when flying charter is flexibility, not only in terms of itinerary but also in terms of baggage handling and arrival and departure times. One major advantage is that, provided that minimal notice is given, it should be possible to change itineraries much closer to the flight date than with commercial flights. 

Keep in mind that availability can be affected by last minute decisions. To give yourself the widest range of options available, book two weeks in advance. Cancellations of private charters can generally be made with 72 hours notice, but this varies with price, itinerary, and carrier, and it makes sense to confirm in advance the specific cancellation policy in place. 

Flexibility extends to aircraft choice, with the exact model available at a given time and place variable. Being open to flying a comparable model, such as a Gulfstream G400 instead of a Citation X, can generate significant savings compared with requiring a specific aircraft at a specific location. It pays to remember that this variability in aircraft model availability is the flip side of the flexible itineraries that many value when booking charter flights.