Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Food, Beverage, and Entertainment Advantages of Private Jet Travel

Edgar Alacan is a New York City-based entrepreneur who leads and provides customer services that make private aircraft travel safe and seamless. Among the advantages of private jet travel that Edgar Alacan emphasizes is flexibility, with the possibilities of onboard food and drink virtually unlimited. 

Many savvy private jet travelers make meal planning a part of the trip and enjoy perusing menus that include catering options such as sushi, gourmet pizza, Thai food, salads, and pasta. In addition, organic, vegetarian, and vegan choices are easily accommodated. Travelers are also free to bring whatever food and drink they wish onboard, which makes inflight meals a truly customizable experience. 

Private jets also offer passengers a full bar and an array of juices and energy and soft drinks. Some passengers have a favorite accompaniment to their meal, such as a bottle of wine, and that is allowed as well. Entertainment is not limited to a laptop or cell phone in the well equipped cabin, as private jets offer a menu of movie and game options, often on a large screen.