Monday, October 15, 2018

The Jet Card Program at

An accomplished business aviation executive, Edgar Alacan stands out as a co-founder of, a private jet company headquartered in New York City. Since founding in 2008, Edgar Alacan has grown the company to include a staff of more than 50 and revenues of over $40 million annually. 

One of the leading business aviation and private jet charter companies in the United States, gives clients the ease of private transportation coupled with peace of mind. The safety-focused company offers a wide range of private jet rentals, including access to light jets, turbo jets, and heavy jets, with no long-term commitment and a simple, all-inclusive fee structure. For additional convenience, it also offers the Jet Card program.

An excellent option for travelers who frequently rely on private jet travel, the Jet Card provides holders with a range of perks, including exclusive access to last-minute rentals and the ability to upgrade or downgrade jets without penalty. Like the hourly rates, the Jet Card covers rental time plus any fuel, taxiing, repositioning, and waiting charges. 

The prepaid card comes in 25-hour increments and never expires. To learn more, visit